Do not open the oven door.

While this may seem like an appeal kids would shout to Hansel and Gretel, it is actually the key step to one of my favorite foods: popovers. Continue reading


A cage inside me

I carry a cage around inside me.
In there I keep all those dreams deemed too fragile to birth,
Afraid they’ll evaporate with the sun.
Too many early hopes already now gone.
Is there energy left to build new ones? Continue reading


The dirt road undulated below my feet as I walked around the lake. Fresh rainwater had puddled in the troughs, and I had to step carefully in sections that were peppered with the mirrored holes. As the dirt gave way to pavement, the crests were highlighted by cracking of the surface.

Frost heaves. Continue reading

Ninth grade Gandhi

Bonnie exuded difference. Now in a high school freshman biology class, this may not seem that unique. Who isn’t trying to find a fresh way to express themselves? To be set apart from the crowd in some way?

But Bonnie was different in that these thoughts never seemed to cross her mind. She was at ease in her own skin, and that peace of mind radiated from her. Quite a feat for most adults, nevertheless a fourteen year old. To a ninth grader, her peaceful and old-soul presence made you feel like you were sitting near Gandhi. Continue reading